Some New Simple Inequalities Involving Exponential, Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions

  • Yogesh J. Bagul Department of Mathematics, K. K. M. College Manwath, Parbhani(M.S.) - 431505, India.
  • Christophe Chesneau LMNO, University of Caen Normandie, France.
Keywords: Exponential function, trigonometric function, hyperbolic function


The prime goal of this paper is to establish sharp lower and upper bounds for useful functions such as the exponential functions, with a focus on exp(−x2), the trigonometric functions (cosine and sine) and the hyperbolic functions (cosine and sine). The bounds obtained for hyperbolic cosine are very sharp. New proofs, refinements as well as new results are offered. Some graphical and numerical results illustrate the findings.


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