Certain results on the conharmonic curvature tensor of \( (\kappa,\mu) \)-contact metric manifolds

  • G. Divyashree Department of Mathematics, Govt., Science College, Chitradurga-577501, Karnataka, India.
  • Venkatesha Department of Mathematics, Kuvempu University, Shankaraghatta - 577 451, Shimoga, Karnataka, India.
Keywords: \( (\kappa,\mu) \)-contact metric manifold, conharmonically flat, conharmonically locally \(\phi\)-symmetric, \(\phi\)-conharmonically semisymmetric, \(h\)-conharmonically semisymmetric


The paper presents a study of \( (\kappa,\mu) \)-contact metric manifolds satisfying certain conditions on the conharmonic curvature tensor.


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