Forthcoming Articles

Volume 22 - Issue 1 - 2020

1. Bounds for the generalized (Φ; ƒ)-mean difference (17 pages)

    Author: Silvestru Sever Dragomir

    Accepted: 2020.03.02


2. η-Ricci Solitons on 3-dimensional Trans-Sasakian Manifolds (12 pages)

    Author: Sampa Pahan

    Accepted: 2020.03.06


3. A sufficiently complicated noded Schottky group of rank three (11 pages)

    Author: Rubén A. Hidalgo

    Accepted: 2020.03.19


4. Super-Halley method under majorant conditions in Banach spaces (16 pages)

    Author: Shwet Nisha and P. K. Parida

    Accepted: 2020.03.23


5. Certain results on the conharmonic curvature tensor of (κ,μ)-contact metric manifolds (13 pages)

    Authors: Divyashree G. and Venkatesha

    Accepted: 2020.03.23


6. Nonlinear elliptic p(u)− Laplacian problem with Fourier boundary condition (34 pages)

    Authors: Stanislas Ouaro and Noufou Sawadogo

    Accepted: 2020.03.29


7. On Katugampola fractional order derivatives and Darboux problem for differential equations (11 pages)

    Authors: Djalal Boucenna, Abdellatif Ben Makhlouf and Mohamed Ali Hammami

    Accepted: 2020.03.29