Weakly strongly star-Menger spaces

  • Gaurav Kumar Department of Mathematics, University of Delhi, New Delhi-110007, India.
  • Brij K. Tyagi Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College, University of Delhi, New Delhi-110021, India.
Keywords: Stronlgy star-Menger, star-Menger, almost star-Menger, Weakly star-Menger, covering topological spaces


A space \(X\) is called weakly strongly star-Menger space if for each sequence (\(\mathcal{U}_{n} : n \in \omega\)) of open covers of \(X\), there is a sequence \((F_n : n\in\omega)\) of finite subsets of \(X\) such that \(\overline{\bigcup_{n\in\omega} St(F_n, \mathcal{U}_n)}\) is \(X\). In this paper, we investigate the relationship of weakly strongly star-Menger spaces with other related spaces. It is shown that a Hausdorff paracompact weakly star Menger \(P\)-space is star-Menger. We also study the images and preimages of weakly strongly star-Menger spaces under various type of maps.


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