Extension of exton's hypergeometric function \(K_{16}\)

  • Ahmed Ali Atash Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Education Shabwah, Aden University, Aden, Yemen.
  • Maisoon Ahmed Kulib Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Engineering, Aden University, Aden, Yemen.
Keywords: Extended beta function, Extended Exton’s function, Integral representations, Generating functions, Recurrence relation, Transformation formula, Derivative formula, Summation formula


The purpose of this article is to introduce an extension of Exton's hypergeometric function \(K_{16}\) by using the extended beta function given by Özergin et al. [11]. Some integral representations, generating functions, recurrence relations, transformation formulas, derivative formula and summation formulas are obtained for this extended function. Some special cases of the main results of this paper are also considered.


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