Some results on the geometry of warped product CR-submanifolds in quasi-Sasakian manifold

  • Shamsur Rahman Department of Mathematics, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Polytechnic Satellite Campus Darbhanga Bihar- 846002, India.
Keywords: Warped product, CR-submanifolds, quasi Sasakian manifold, canonical structure


The present paper deals with a study of warped product submanifolds of quasi-Sasakian manifolds and warped product CR-submanifolds of quasi-Sasakian manifolds. We have shown that the warped product of the type \( M = D_{\perp}{\times}{_{y}}{D}_{T}\) does not exist, where \( D_{\perp}\) and \( D_{T}\) are invariant and anti-invariant submanifolds of a quasi-Sasakian manifold \(\bar{M}\), respectively. Moreover we have obtained characterization results for CR-submanifolds to be locally CR-warped products.


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