Foreign language anxiety (FLA) in seventh-grade Chilean students and its relationship with the model of interpersonal teacher behavior (MITB) of their English teacher


  • Rocío Gutiérrez Liceo Técnico La Frontera – Temuco
  • Orlando Muñoz Escuela Particular Los Volcanes - Llanquihue
  • Eduardo Rivas Escuela de Adultos Rio Sur - Mulchén


anxiety, foreign-language learning, Foreign Language Anxiety, Model of Interpersonal Teacher Behaviour, FLCAS, QTI


This mixed study analyzed the relationship between the levels of Foreign Language Anxiety (FLA) in seventh-grade students and the Model of Interpersonal Teaching Behaviour (MITB) of their English teachers. 165 Chilean students and 5 English teachers from different schools participated in this study. The instruments used were the Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale (FLCAS) and the Questionnaire on Teaching Interaction (QTI). Besides, interviews were carried out with each teacher in their work context. With the quantitative data, descriptive analysis and correlations between variables were carried out. With the qualitative data, code categories were created for each subtopic for later interpretation. The quantitative results indicated that there are only weak positive correlations between the FLA levels and only two of the eight dimensions of the MITB, indicating that there is not enough evidence to establish a significant correlation. However, through the interviews, the teachers did establish a link between both constructs, which means that students and teachers do not share the same perception about this relationship. It is concluded that this study is the first step in relating these two variables, opening a new field for the investigation of both constructs.






Classroom Research