Submissions Rubrics (Essay)

Essay Evaluation Rubric Bridges for EFL Teaching

Essay Number: ___________

Sections                                    Type of Information                                                                                  Yes          No

Title                                           Outlines a general topic related to EFL teaching as required by

                                                    the journal.

Topic                                         Provides some relevant background information about the

                                                   classroom experiences shared. 

Focus                                        Provides information that is necessary in order to understand the

                                                   main idea of the text.

Detail                                       It includes specific information that supports the main idea of

                                                   the text.

Organization                         The introduction is inviting, states the main topic and provides an

                                                  overview of the essay.Information is relevant and presented in a

                                                  logical order. The conclusion is strong.

Word Choice                         The author uses clear words and phrases.The choice and placement

                                                 of words seems accurate, natural, and not forced.

Sentence Structure            All sentences are well constructed and are purposefully innovative to 

and fluency,                         enhance intended effect.The author makes skillful use of transition within 

Grammar, Mechanics,      and across paragraphs. No errors in grammar, mechanics and or spelling.

& Spelling

Word Number                      The essay has between 500 or 600 words, no less.

Reviewer’s Comments:


Adapted from Readwritethink, International Reading Association, 2013; A Genre -based approach to Academic Writing, Johnson D.& Crombie, W.,2017 and by the Editorial Board of Bridges for EFL Teaching.