Submissions Rubrics (Sharing Resources)

Sharing Resources Rubric

Proposal Name: ___________


Criteria                Exceeds Expectations                     Meets Expectations                   Does not Meet Expectations

Title &                  Title and purpose are clear &          Title and purpose reflect             Title and purpose vague or 

Purpose              align with standards.                         contents.                                         missing.

Lesson plans      All *components of the lesson        All *components of the lesson    Most * components of 

                              plan are included and are of            plan are included to a                    the lesson plan are  

                               excellent quality.                                satisfactory level.                           missing or inadequately 


Learning              Observable, related to the               Observable barely related to        Objectives unclear or not 

Outcomes            purpose of the lesson.                      the purpose of the lesson.            related to purpose.

Activities              Meaningful and motivating.          Meaningful but not motivating.      Neither meaningful nor 


Resources &         Creative, connect to “real                Variety of resources included.       Resources limited or 

materials              world” & variety.                                                                                           not included.

Introduction        Motivating attention recalling        Attention getting but poor              Lesson introduction 

                                prior knowledge.                               recalling of prior knowledge.          minimal or lacking.

Procedure             Connected with the stages of        Somewhat connected with the          Limited connection 

                                 the selected approach.                    stages of the selected approach.      with selected 


Evaluation          Variety of assessment strategies    Poor variety of assessment                 Limited or no 

                              included and consistent with            strategies included.                             assessment strategies

                              learning outcomes.                                                                                              included.



*Target group, time required, unit, content and materials.


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